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Thinking of a career in Real Estate? If you are a great communicator, a successful negotiator and enjoy a challenging sales environment that can offer unlimited earning potential – then this could be the career for you! Listen to Rod’s tips on how to get into the industry and the skills required to forge a successful career in Real Estate.

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Real Estate Success Tip #18

Real Estate Millionaire Tip

Hi, I’m Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

And this is real estate millionaire tip #18

Because real estate prices can vary significantly from one geographical area to another,

it is VERY important that you know these differences in prices.

Obviously, obviously — the SMALLER your investment area, the EASIER it will be to become an expert on values WITHIN that area.

So, here is the tip

You want to concentrate your investing to this SMALL, SPECIFIC investment area.

For our purposes, we will define this small, specific investment area as an area with a population of 25,000.

In an area with 25,000 people, there will be enough property that you will be able to buy and sell to raise investment capital.

There will be many opportunities to acquire your 6 permanent quality properties to hold for the long term — forever.

Approximately 25,000 people will define our small, specific investment area.

25,000 is a guide

Don’t get stuck here

Could the number be 20,000 or 30,000 or 18,000 or 34,000 —


But, it probably can’t be 8,000 and it doesn’t have to be 45,000

Think 25,000 —

And, in defining your area, if you can keep to ONE governmental district — one city or ONE town or ONE neighborhood with ONE set of government officials and ONE set of rules — as you will learn – this can be HIGHLY preferable

Think 25,000

If you live in the city,

25,000 could be one neighborhood — that’s fine

If you live in the suburbs,

25,000 could be one town.

If you live in a rural area,

25,000 could be SEVERAL towns or a county.

Right now, start defining your small, specific investment area of 25,000 residents.

In the city, your 25,000 residents may live mostly in condos or triple-deckers.

In the suburbs, you might find mostly single family houses and two and three family houses.

In a rural area, maybe ranches or farm land.

It’s all good.

If you figure 3-4 people per housing unit, you will have 6 – 8,000 housing units within your small, specific investment area.

Given the research work I will be teaching you to do,

this number of residences should be MORE than enough property to achieve your investment objective and, most probably, with a sufficient range of property prices.

You mission completion will be to EVENTUALLY buy 6 quality, permanent properties and pay off the mortgages

And, always, loving your tenants.

All my teaching is based on the 100 Action Principles found in the Action Principles book that you will receive with a donation of .

Actually, you will receive two Signed copies for —

I know you are learning from these videos so, start giving back

I honestly do believe that the people who see these videos as win/win/win and

Then contribute and become my students as Action Principle Champion with a total donation of 5

THEY are the ones who are going to ULTIMATELY succeed —

it is THE winner’s mindset – to appreciate and give back

Now, get to work defining YOUR small specific investment area.

Real Estate Millionaire Tip

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